Mar 06 2009

Congratulations to Warwick 6

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Having looked at the figures for Attendance I can say with confidence that Warwick 6 are currently ‘Top of the League’! Many congratulations to Mr Rushbrooke and his fine band of men… but can they sustain it until the end of term?

Attendance: Spring Term

Tutor Group     No. of Absences

Warwick 6                24

Warwick 4:               30

Warwick 1:               39

Warwick 5:               43

Warwick 2:               47

Warwick 3:               61

The Top Tutor Team at the end of the Spring Term will receive enough Easter Eggs to make a Whale sick.

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Feb 28 2009

House Football & Badminton 2009

Pompey\'s 69 Year wait comes to an end in 2008

House Football and Badminton have been rescheduled for Wednesday 18th March (Seniors) and Thursday 19th March (Juniors). Last year Warwick came 3rd in Senior football and were Year 9 champions.

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Feb 28 2009

House Hockey & Basketball 2009

International Hockey: Germany vs Chile

House Basketball and Hockey are back!

Senior Basketball & Hockey: Wednesday 1st April

Junior Basketball & Hockey: Thursday 2nd April

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Feb 28 2009

House Assembly

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Last Assembly: Wednesday 25th February

Remember: Time is both Temporal and Infinite! Don’t forget that time is moving fast for you guys with exams coming up, but that the results you get will last a lifetime. In other words – it’s worth the effort. As Mr Du Plessis always says: “Pain is temporary, but winning is forever!”

Next Assembly: Wednesday 11th March

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Feb 28 2009

House Arts 2009

Warwick have had some great Sportsmen over the years, but by tradition Warwick are at their best in the House Arts. Last year saw a disappointing display in the Drama competition (7th), but top 2 positions in Art and Music.

House Arts will take place on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 (all day):

Art: (R13) Periods 1-4

Drama: (Drama Studio) Periods 1-4

Junior Music: (PA) Periods 1-2

Senior Music: (PA) Periods 3-4

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Feb 28 2009

House Chess 2009

Chess: It\'s a man\'s game.

Last year we came 1st in Senior Chess and 5th in the Juniors. As with so many competitions, the luck of the draw can affect the result (the Juniors played Lambdin first last year – the eventual winners); but Warwick have a fantastic record in House Chess and have won Senior Chess 3 times in the last 4 years!

The House Chess competition is always surprisingly good fun, with House Leaders and tutors swarming round their boys as the Competition gets under way…

Dates: Wednesday 4th March, Thursday 5th March & Friday 6th March in the School Hall.   3:15 KO

Day 1 (Weds): The Juniors won 4-1 in their opening matches against Burnett, while the Senior Team enjoyed a close-run contest with Allen. The Year11/Sixth Form boys won two matches, drew one match and lost two, only going through thanks to Gus Trewell’s No.1 Seed triumph. Congratulations and many thanks to those who turned out. Good luck tomorrow!

Day 2 (Thurs): What a series of matches! The Juniors made us sweat before Tim Wood came back from losing his Queen to win his match and consequently the Junior tie! Congratulations to Josh Turley and James Hay who also won. The Juniors are looking unstoppable and play Woodland in Friday’s Final! Meanwhile, our No.1 and No.2 seeds won against Ford in the Seniors (despite Abi’s late entrance!) but our No.3 – No.5 seeds couldn’t quite defeat the formidable Fordians. Still, they have a chance to win 3rd place in their battle against Burnett this afternoon… Come on you Warwick!!!

Day 3 (Friday): The Final! The Juniors won their first two matches (Tim Wood and Josh Turley making it 3 wins on the trot) but unfortunately a superb Woodland side took the spoils, just beating us 3-2 overall. Meanwhile, the Seniors won convincingly; House Captain Jack Johnson stepping up to the plate in Abi’s absence, taking on the Burnett No.2 Seed and winning! Overall this gives Warwick the largest points haul: 26 points out of a possible 32! Many congratulations to ALL those who participated. Now on with the Football and Badminton…

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Mar 12 2008

Remember Joe Warwick

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Joe Warwick attended Windsor Boys’ School from 1934 to 1940. He joined the R.A.F. as a pilot soon after leaving school and his initial training took him to Scotland, Canada and America (by then also at war). In February 1943 Joe completed his final flying assessment in Florida, USA, successfully gaining his Wings as a Sergeant Pilot.  On his return to the U.K. Joe was posted to IX Squadron, Bomber Command at their main base in Bardney, Lincolnshire where he quickly learned to fly the Avro Lancaster Bomber.  On his 15th successive bombing run over Germany, Joe’s luck ran out. Having taken several hits from enemy anti-aircraft guns and with perilously low fuel, Joe Warwick attempted a crash-landing on British soil in poor visibility. His Lancaster hit a tree and crashed at Markham Clinton in Nottinghamshire.  Pilot officer Warwick rests at St. Mary’s Church, Winkfield, where he had been a chorister and bell-ringer.       

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